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Is your house or flat suffering from a Condensation Problem?

Are you sick of streaming condensation on your windows?

Are you looking for an Affordable Condensation damp Solution?

Do you need a Condensation Cure?


Here at NEWSEAL we can offer professional advice by a CSRT qualifed surveyor on all condensation problems to include humidity test to determine the relative humidity of the environment and the dew point temperature at which condensation forms.

We also have the Flir thermal imaging camera which determines wall temperatures and can isolate cold spots which would be subject to condensation issues. Our surveyor can determine the best solution for your condensation problem.

Whether you require a condensation survey, report and diagnoses in Truro, Perranporth, Penzance, Newquay, St Austell, Bodmin, Wadebridge, Falmouth, Helston, Launceston or Looe we can help please contact us for a hassle free no obligation inspection.

We cover the following areas for condensation control:












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The unobtrusive, affordable and economical units control and remove the problem of condensation damp at its source, dramatically improving the domestic environment.

How Does Drimaster-Eco Work?

Drimaster-Eco is the name of our popular Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) range. PIV is a technology that we invented over 40 years ago and today it’s still the only known cure for condensation dampness.

How does it work? PIV is simple in design but revolutionary in its success at preventing and curing condensation in new and older homes. The PIV process involves drawing fresh air from outside into a fan located in the loft area. Filters within the fan remove pollutants as fine as pollen from the air before it is tempered using the heat that naturally accumulates at the top of the house. It is then gently pushed into the home through a single, centrally located air diffuser, thus causing positive pressurisation. By continuously supplying fresh, filtered air through the home, the humid, stale air is forced out through the natural leakage points at a rate of 20 air changes per day.

The PIV process cures condensation and expels allergens and pollutants from the air. Strong odours, such as cooking smells, are removed leaving you with fresh air and excellent indoor air quality.

Cure Condensation with Drimaster-Eco

Prevents condensation dampness and controls dust-mite allergens

Improves indoor air quality by removing indoor and outdoor pollutants

Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers

Ultra-low power consumption - on average 1p per day to run

Easy installation and very low maintenance. Filter clean or replacement every five years

5 year warranty for peace of mind

We always recommend that you read the fitting instructions and tips guide before considering the purchase of any of our products. A qualified electrician should ALWAYS make the electrical connection to the unit.

We want you to be totally sure the product is right for you.

At NEWSEAL we can easily and quickly install the Drimaster Eco Heat at a competitive price and we are happy to design a system that will be cost effective and suitable for domestic or commercial properties.



The Nuaire Drimaster Eco (HEAT) System can be supplied from us for as little as:

Supply & fitting £783.33+vat (£940.00 inc vat) CLICK TO ARRANGE AN INSTALLATION.


The Nuaire Flatmaster 2000 is an enhanced version of the standard Flatmaster unit. The unit incorporates a built in thermostatically controlled heater unit, with additional speed settings and a manual boost switch which allows you to place the unit on maximum speed for those times when you need extra ventilationribe items with imagery.

Features & Benefits

Extremely low power consumption – as little as 8 watts.

Very low maintenance requirement (filter clean every 1-2 years).

Interchangeable, multi-positional, circular and rectangular inlet/outlet spigots for improved aesthetics and simpler installation.

Heater fitted in unit.

Manual boost switch available as standard.

Whisper quiet operation.

Significantly improves indoor air quality.

3 year parts and labour warranty.

Redistributes heat from ceiling level

Input air is directed across the ceiling (usually in your hallway). This uses a scientific principle called the Coanda effect, which has the impact of mixing with the wasted warmer air that has risen above head height in your home. It therefore increases the efficiency of your heating system.

Highly effective filters

G3 grade, which means that they are so fine they will exclude pollen (great for hay fever sufferers) as well as the dust and grime of outside pollutants. Filters are very simply replaced/washed every 1 - 2 years.

Whisper quiet operation

Flatmaster uses a large fan running slowly. In this way any noise generated is minimal. For most of the time it is unlikely that you will be aware that your Flat master is operating other than a fresher feeling in your hallway caused by the movement of the incoming air.

The Nuaire Flat master (HEAT) System can be supplied from us for as little as:

Supply & fitting £870.83+vat (£1045.00 inc vat) CLICK TO ARRANGE AN INSTALLATION.


NO MORE DAMP ThermalDry is a styrene acrylic copolymer dispersion water based paint, which is thermally insulating and water repelling. 

NO MORE DAMP ThermalDry incorporates Micro-technology in the form of hollow glass beads, with a size of 50um and a crush strength of 500 psi.

The micros, hollow glass beads act like miniature ‘Thermos flasks’, blocking thermal energy by reflecting it away from the walls and protecting the walls from damp, which causes moisture and therefore mould growth.

NO MORE DAMP ThermalDry increases the wall temperature, thus reducing the ‘dew point’ or the temperature at which condensation occurs.

Typical Applications:

Cold internal surfaces affected by condensation and subject to the formation of black mould such as:

Solid walls

Pantries and larders

Bathrooms and shower rooms


Elevations exposed to cold winds

Price: £69.99 inc vat


DIY Solution

Very cost effective

Quick and easy to apply

Effective and hygienic solution to black mould

Can be over-painted with water based emulsions or tinted with standard paint tints

Solvent free, non-toxic and odourless

Non-flammable – No VOCs

Typical Applications

Cold internal surfaces affected by condensation and subject to the formation of black mould such as:

Solid walls

Pantries and larders

Bathrooms and shower rooms


Elevations exposed to cold winds

WE CAN SUPPLY 5LTRS OF CWC FOR £65.50+vat (£78.60 inc vat) CLICK TO BUY.